Oct 24, 2016


Cpl Gary McLintoch reporting for duty!  Gary and the rest of the cast definitely lived up to fan expectations, ‘Gary Tank Commander: Mission Quite Possible’ was every bit as good as the hilarious TV show.

We went all in at the Hydro, with a food outlets decked out as ‘Gary’s Kitchen’ serving cheesy pasta, chips and cheese, curly wurlys and of course, just chips, with a percentage of proceeds going to Stand Up To Cancer.

Gary meanwhile abseils into camp from a helicopter, all fake tan and teeth, with his armeh mates and gets the show on the road.   Nothing about their adventures in the desert is straightforward - we’ve got the avoidance of a mystic camel, a suspected terrorist or ‘jihadi baddie’ and a burgeoning romance between Julie and Cheffy, Jeff the Chef.

In between soldiers busting out Beyoncé dance moves and the odd reflections on life from Gary and the cast trying not to dissolve into fits of laughter as they veered off script, the show was a rollercoaster ride from start to finish.

‘Seriousleh, its amazin.’

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