Apr 18, 2016


There was no mistaking that Muse had landed in-the-round at The SSE Hydro as their first track, ‘Psycho’ blared out through the booming sound system. 

Giant drones appeared from the rafters, moving in formation above the crowd – the first of many elements that truly made this a show for the digital age.

Mind Blowing Production

It set the bar for the whole production, and there was no doubt that it was up there with the best in the world.  Complete with a stage set in the middle of the arena - a first for a music gig at The SSE Hydro - giant drones, a rotating stage, a flying aeroplane, exploding balloons and a speech from JFK - this was one for the books.

The band blasted out a mix of popular older tracks including Supermassive Black Hole, Time Is Running Out and Starlight and newer ones from the tour title album Drones: Dead Inside, Mercy and The Globalist.

Skills & Talent

Matt Bellamy displayed impressive shredding skills along with note perfect vocals.  Bass player Chris Wolstenholme controlled the bass with effortless ease, at one point using a touchscreen digital guitar and drummer Dominic Howard ensured the mosh pit below him was constant.

Confetti rained from the Hydro ceiling as the band played out their last three songs, Take A Bow, Mercy and the brilliant Knights of Cydonia.

A deafening roar and a 3 minute standing ovation.  MUSE, YOU ROCK!

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