Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are processing all ticket purchases online rather than at the SEC Box Office for the foreseeable future. To make a booking, please visit the following:



Accessible tickets can be booked online, or you can call 0141 576 3230 (replaces 0800 952 0110 temporarily) (open Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm).

If you have any queries about current or future bookings, please email [email protected] or use our contact page.

What are the Terms and Conditions of ticket sales?

Tickets are issued on behalf of the organisation (usually the event organiser or promoter) responsible for the performance or event and are subject to the terms and conditions of the SEC (Ltd) and those of our ticketing service provider – Ticketmaster (Ltd), together with all other statements or directives shown on the ticket.

The SSE Hydro’s Terms and Conditons.

Ticketmaster's full Terms and Conditions

Why does the SEC use Ticketmaster as a ticketing service provider?

Ticketmaster is globally respected in the live entertainment industry with a local presence in Glasgow and across Scotland. SEC Ltd has worked closely with Ticketmaster for 30 years and consequently Ticketmaster understands the needs of the Scottish market. Following a recent competitive review of available ticketing suppliers, SEC Ltd believe that Ticketmaster is best placed to respond to the ticketing demands on our Live Entertainment business in a manner that we are unable to do in isolation.

How does the SEC/Ticketmaster arrangement work in practice?

The SEC continues to own and operate a venue box office, limited contact centre and account management team as part of our ticketing business but fundamentally and most importantly, in appointing Ticketmaster as our official ticketing services supplier, we will continue to improve this service for our customers. The Ticketmaster retail system ensures a more effective and efficient ticket booking process, particularly via web transactions.

How do I book tickets for the Accessible Areas (formerly Disabled Platform)?

Customers who wish to buy tickets for accessible positions in The SSE Hydro, SEC Armadillo & SEC Centre can now do so online via our websites (ticketing powered by Ticketmaster), or continue to use our accessible booking line on 0141 576 3230 (replaces 0800 952 0110 temporarily) (open Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm). We offer accessible positions in various areas to accommodate visitors with a variety of access requirements.


Please note the following when booking online:

  • Wheelchair positions are for wheelchair users.
  • 'Ambulant' positions are for patrons with disabilities/conditions that are unable to use general arena seating/standing.
  • Patrons requiring a hearing induction system or other services (BSL/Audio Description etc) should call the venue on 0141 576 3230 (replaces 0800 952 0110 temporarily) (open Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm) for more information.
  • The accessible ticket policy limits one free carer/companion ticket to each accessible ticket purchased. If you need more than one essential carer/companion or additional positions in your booking, please call the venue on 0141 576 3230 (replaces 0800 952 0110 temporarily) (open Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm).
  • By purchasing an accessible ticket, you confirm you or a member of your party require this position. Proof of eligibility/disability must be provided before the event - you will be contacted by Ticketmaster no later than 72 hours after your order.
  • Tickets may be cancelled if misuse is suspected/found.
  • For further information on The SSE Hydro's accessible facilities please visit www.thessehydro.com/visitor-information/accessibility  

 If you have any further questions or would prefer to discuss your specific requirements before booking, please call our accessible booking line on 0141 576 3230 (replaces 0800 952 0110 temporarily) (open Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm) or email us at [email protected].

How are ticket prices, charges and fees determined?

The SEC/Ticketmaster sell tickets for The SSE Hydro as an agent on behalf of the promoter of an event. There are usually a number of other ticket agents selling tickets for the same event. 

When you’re booking via Ticketmaster and/or the SEC, whether it’s online, via the venue box office or over the phone, we’ll always be sure to give you a clear breakdown of exactly what charges are involved. In accordance with the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) requirements we will ensure that that any fee or charge levied on top of the face value of the ticket is stated clearly at critical points during the purchase process, and when advertising ticket prices.

The total exit price is made up as follows:

Face Value Price

This is the base cost of your ticket, set by the event organiser – SEC/Ticketmaster are not involved in deciding the price, but it’s usually based on the costs involved in presenting the event. When a ticket is sold the total face value is passed to event organiser.

Service Charge

An administration fee is levied on all tickets sold via the Ticketmaster online retail system, our contact centre or the Box Office in the SEC. This charge is intended to cover the running costs of our ticketing operations, and it is applied to each ticket sold regardless of whether the payment is made by cash, cheque, debit card, credit card, bank transfer or any other means. A payment handling fee is included within the administration fee regardless of the payment method.

Our partnership with Ticketmaster provides a comprehensive ticketing solution for buyers, which amongst other things include:

  • A comprehensive Box Office service on-site at the SEC supported by a satellite box office in the new SSE Hydro Arena; 
  • A specialised contact centre located at the SEC, predominantly handling accessible sales, group bookings and event related enquiries; 
  • A website service for buying tickets 

The ticket service charge levied is competitively priced and determined by the costs of operating the ticketing service.

Order Processing Fee

We offer our customers a variety of convenient fulfilment options, including post, print @ home (TicketFAST) or box-office collection. This fee is charged regardless of the number of tickets purchased in a single transaction.

Postage for event tickets may include Special or International delivery, which attracts a higher cost. This may be a particular requirement of some standing shows, in order to ensure that tickets (with their significant value) are safely and securely delivered to the intended recipient.

Tickets uplifted at our on-site Box Office attract a small fulfilment fee.

Facility Fee

Occasionally, there may also be a facility fee. This is set by the SEC directly – Ticketmaster doesn’t keep any of this charge. This fee is applied in its entirety to critical maintenance and capital improvements to the SSE Hydro and other performance venues at the SEC.

What fees do you pay when purchasing a ticket online?

You will have to pay the Service Charge on each ticket purchased. An Order Processing Fee will then be applied to the entire transaction (regardless of the number of tickets purchased) depending on the method of fulfilment that you have selected. Where appropriate, a Facility Fee will be levied.

If I book tickets in person at the SEC Box Office can I avoid paying fees?

The Service Charge is applicable on all transactions regardless of (a) the method of payment used, and/or (b) the channel via which tickets are purchased.

Why am I being charged when previously I was able to avoid paying fees when purchasing tickets in person and paying cash?

Until 2012 there was no ticket Service Charge on cash only transactions made in person at the Box Office. However; in response to UK government legislation, this allowance was no longer possible. The measures are being implemented as a result of the Consumer Rights (Payment Surcharges) Regulations 2012. Under these rules, traders are expected to ensure that any payment surcharges are representative of the actual processing cost involved.

In response to the legislation Ticketmaster have ensured that the Service Charge is the same, regardless of (a) the method of payment used, and/or (b) the channel via which tickets are purchased (i.e. on the internet, in person at the Box Office in the SEC, or telephonically).

The regulations can be found at: www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2012/3110/made

If you have any queries regarding fees please contact Ticketmaster Customer Services on 0333 321 9999 or click here to contact them via email.

Why is there a limit to how many tickets I can buy?

In short, we want to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance to buy tickets.

The ticket limit will usually be decided by the event organisers and Ticketmaster will make sure they advertise this at the very beginning of the booking process on their website. It usually applies per person, per credit card – sometimes, if it’s expected to be really popular it may also be per household. Please be sure to look out for this – you can’t book more than the limit in any one transaction, but unfortunately Ticketmaster can’t stop you from making a second booking.

It’s not that easy to get around the system though; if Ticketmaster finds that someone’s booked more tickets than they’re allowed, they may well cancel some or all of their tickets, without notice.

Why is there a time limit for online purchases?

We want to make sure that as many fans as possible get the chance to book. When you select your seats, you’re actually holding those tickets while you go through the checkout process, so no one else can access them.

The amount of time you have can vary depending on how busy the website is, but we always make sure there’s enough time to fill in your details and check the information carefully before paying for your tickets.

Why do tickets sell out so quickly sometimes?

When a really popular event goes on sale there can sometimes be thousands of people all trying to buy tickets at the same time. With fans booking over the phone and online, Ticketmaster can process hundreds of bookings at once – so sometimes they can go really quickly. For example, if 500 fans all log on to buy 4 tickets each…that’s 2,000 tickets gone in seconds!

If you’re unlucky with getting tickets when they first go on sale, we always advise to check back to our website nearer the day of the show – there’s always the chance that more tickets could be released once the stage layout has been confirmed.

Why are “better” seats sometimes available?

…a few minutes after the event goes on sale?

When customers find available tickets either online or through any of the other access points, those tickets are actually reserved while the customer considers the purchase. During that period, which lasts for only a few minutes, no one else can view or purchase those tickets. If the customer decides not to buy the tickets, they are “released” and become available to other purchasers. So if a customer is looking at 10th row centre seats and decides not to buy, those seats become available for another customer.

…days after the event goes on sale?

The event organiser may release more tickets for sale as the event date approaches. This happens for several reasons such as a) The promoter may no longer need the tickets that were held when the event originally went on sale, or b) Once the stage or event area is set up, the venue has a better idea about which seats are obstructed, or c) Sometimes events are so popular that even seats with a restricted view are released for sale!

Additionally, sometimes a customer attempts to buy tickets but their credit card is declined. If we are unable to contact the customer to secure a valid credit card or billing address, Ticketmaster may cancel the order and release the tickets for sale. Tickets may also be re-released if a customer does not follow Ticketmaster’s published ticket limits or other terms of use.

May I exchange my tickets if better seats become available later or if a second show is announced?

No. As with all ticket sales, there are no refunds, exchanges or cancellations.

What payment cards can I pay with?

We accept all major credit and debit cards:

  • American Express 
  • Mastercard 
  • Maestro 
  • Visa 
  • Visa Delta 
  • Visa Electron 

Unfortunately, we can’t accept payment from Diners and Laser cards or Paypal.

How secure is my online transaction?

Safe Technology

Our secure server software (SSL) is some of the best software available today for secure e-commerce transactions. It encrypts all your personal information so no one else can access it.

When will I receive my tickets?

Ticketmaster will send your tickets out as soon as they get the go ahead to print from the event organiser, or when they receive the stock from the organiser.

As neither the SEC nor Ticketmaster has overall control of the fulfilment process it’s quite difficult at times to be exact with dispatch dates. However the latest you should receive them is around five days before the event.

I purchased tickets some time ago and am still waiting to receive them. How can I check if they have been sent?

To check your booking, please contact Ticketmaster Customer Services via email or on 0333 321 9999.

How do you send tickets overseas?

If we’re sending your tickets overseas, take a look here for any information you might need. You can usually choose to have your tickets sent out by standard airmail, or pay a bit more for us to send them securely with UPS.

What is UPS International Secure Courier?

This is a guaranteed delivery service with a tracking facility so that if you live outside the UK, you can get your tickets securely. They’ll need a signature on delivery, so this service isn’t available for PO Box addresses.

Is UPS International dispatch always available?

Ticketmaster offer airmail and UPS for international customers on all events, but if you book fairly close to the date of the event you may be asked to pick your tickets up from the venue box office instead.

Will I be contacted when my tickets have been sent?

If you chose UPS International dispatch, Ticketmaster will send you an email when your tickets are ready to go out confirming your UPS tracking number and details of how to contact them in the unlikely event that your tickets don’t arrive in time.

What should I do if I haven’t received my tickets?

Ticketmaster knows it can be worrying if you’re travelling a long way to get to a show, so if you haven’t received your tickets by 5 days before you’re setting off to the UK contact Ticketmaster Customer Services via email or on 0333 321 9999.

What do I do if my tickets are lost or stolen?

Contact Ticketmaster Customer Services via email or on 0333 321 9999 and they will help you with your order.

What is the new Ticketmaster fan to fan ticket exchange?

There have been some big changes with Ticketmaster, our official ticketing services supplier, find out how they are making things easier for fans - 




Do I need a ticket for my child?

All children must have a valid ticket for an event, with the exception of ‘babes in arms’ (under 12 months) who may sit on a parent/guardian’s knee, unless otherwise stated by the event promoter.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, you can purchase a SEC gift voucher here

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